June 1, 2013:  OptimalClub is used to solve TIGER'S SAWGRASS BALL FLIGHT PUZZLE - 24+ page graphical slide show ( link ) which was featured in the United States Golf Teachers Federation June newsletter ( link, pdfYouTube video coming soon!

February 15, 2012
:  "My best “Electronic Caddy” winner is OptimalClub"  Leith Anderson, Cal Golf Lab @ 2012 PGA Show
It is the only app I’ve seen that helps you understand the effect of wind and elevation on the shot you’re facing.  It’s a fabulous training device.  OptimalClub is great for players who don’t play enough to develop a good feel for wind effects and a must have for beginners.  The app is not legal during tournament play. However, it is within the rules to print the charts or transfer club feedback, wind, and elevation data to your competitive round golf course notebook and benefit from it.  Read More & Video »

January 8, 2012:  "OptimalClub created a perfect app for us weather nuts"
Once in a while the Golfweather team finds an app that gets us totally excited and OptimalClub does just that!  Read More » 



The ONLY Golf GPS App that Knows How Wind, Weather and Course Elevation Changes Affect Your Club Distances in Realtime or With a Weather Forecast.

Download it today and discover how it can have an immediate impact on your golf game!

OptimalClub iPhone Golf GPS app knows the current local weather at the golf course map you're looking at. One look at the map is all it takes to see exactly where the wind is coming, how strong it is, and how club distances are affected by wind to the nearest yard!

OptimalClub offers the MOST ACCURATE golf GPS device because it reports course elevation feedback for any golf shot! No more guessing if the shot was uphill, level, or downhill or what the layout of the course was like.

Change your golf game with the power of OptimalClub. It can handle any combination of weather and elevation changes and tell you precisely how far each club will travel. Enjoy the satisfaction of hitting more greens and lowering your golf score!

Click to Download OptimalClub from App Store   iPhone v4S, v4, v3gs or iPad, iOS 4.2 or later.
Click HERE to track your game and post scores to a handicap service. Enjoy the benefits of participating in social forums of the largest on-line golf community.
Latest news:        

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OptimalClub:  How it is making a difference for a Tour Pro
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Product Review in Golf Today Northwest Magazine, May 2011 (screenshot)

Start Live View to see aerial map and hold phone to target.

Map and wind pattern is in sync with phone held in target direction.

Click 'Quick Setup' to define a shot to Target and see club options!

Zoom in to see green and hazards.  Know which clubs avoid them!

Seeing my shot possibilities with different clubs using GPS, course map, and wind data was fantastic.

- KC, Minnesota

This app is the best practice aide to come along yet. What you learn about club selection will lead to better decisions during competitive rounds.

- Dale Moser dalescustomclubs.com

OptimalClub is like having a launch monitor combined with a GPS unit in your pocket. Completely take the guesswork out of what club to hit under at the moment situations. Allows you to practice smarter, not harder.

- Ken Alterwitz loomiscustomgolf.com

I could pinpoint tee and pin locations. Very accurate. The club selector is unique. OptimalClub is a truly an awesome app for golfers!!

- Biv Wadden waddengolfacademy.com
Here's why OptimalClub is the best investment in your golf game!

It offers a clear golf club selection picture on golf course aerial images. Carry and carry+roll distances are available for each club.

The enhanced and interactive rangefinder provides distance feedback to any spot.

Better focus on where you want to hit the ball to and which club to use.

OptimalClub simplifies the golf game. Get to know club distances better and how to adapt to changing weather and course conditions.

Can OptimalClub run on the iPad?  Yes!   The app works great as a tool to develop golf course strategy with a coach  golf team.  Instantly see wind conditions on challenging holes where par is a great score or any holes to score low on with birdies and eagles.

Are OptimalClub distances accurate?

Yes!  Map-assisted GPS provides an accurate distance picture.  It eliminates guessing in-between front, center, or back of green GPS distances.

Other apps may require up to a minute or longer to get an accurate GPS reading.   OptimalClub offers a way to get distances using the map in seconds!

Where can I get support or provide feedback?

Click here for OptimalClub support.

OptimalClub demonstrated on an iPad at Boston National Golf Expo 2011, March 4-7

What is OptimalClub?

OptimalClub figures distance, but then picks the right club! Taking into account wind and weather!

Hard five-iron or a soft four-iron? Is it a two-club or three-club wind? The temperature just dropped. Do I need to hit a longer club? OptimalClub is the only app that can remove the guesswork surrounding which club to hit and do it correctly under ANY wind or weather circumstance!

Better yet, it uses your personal ball flight metrics to measure EXACTLY how far YOU will hit EACH CLUB under the weather and wind conditions of the moment!

Reach your target, stay out of hazards, hit more greens, and just play smarter. How else will you lower your score!

News or Website Articles on OptimalClub:

Click here for OptimalClub User Guide.

OptimalClub Screenshots (click to see larger picture)

OptimalClub 1.1.1

Released January 2012

OptimalClub 1.1

Released August 2011

3 shot maps at Atlanta Athletic Club, PGA 2011
3 shot maps at Olympic Club, US Open 2012
17th hole Shot at Old Course, St Andrews
6th hole Royal St. Georges

OptimalClub 1.0.6

Released March 2011

OptimalClub 1.0.5

Released March 2011

OptimalClub 1.0.4

Released January 2011
  • New: Save shot maps and revist them under actual weather or manually enter future weather forecast.
  • New: Partial swing distances can be defined from 10% to 120% of normal swing.
  • New: Unique combination of aerial maps, compass, gps, and weather augments your golf experience in a fun way.



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